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Skipjacks Seafood Grill, bar, and Fish market
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Altro Italian Bistro
Auberge Gourmande
Bajatzu Bar & Grill
Big Fish
Bistrot Caraïbes
Champagne Bistro
Chef Dino
Chez Pat
Le Cottage
Daniel's by the Sea
Izi Ristorante
Kakao Beach
Lagoon Pub Crawl
Mario Bistrot
Mr Busby's Beach Bar
Piazza Pascal
Pineapple Pete
Pizza Galley
Le Pressoir
Rancho del Sol
Rocky's Ideal Snack
Sapphire Beach Club
Shakti Indian Restaurant
Table d'Antoine
Ti Bouchon
Ti Coin Créole
Tropical Wave
La Villa
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French phones have six digits and the country code is 590. Recently, the service has been enhanced by making it necessary to dial an area code with all French numbers. Conveniently enough, the local area code is 590 also. This improvement has been added to the international system, so that one now has to dial 011 590 590 and six digits to get French landlines from the US. Cell phones are reached by dialing area code 690, as in 011 590 690 and the six digits.

The Dutch side has joined the North American Numbering Plan Area (NANPA). Like the US, they are reached via country code 1 followed by the area code for St Maarten. Thus, to call both the seven digit landlines or cell numbers, merely dial 1 721 and the seven digits, just like calling another area code in the US. You will be charged quite a bit more for the call, however.

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