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Welcome to the SXM Restaurant Finder. Just answer a few questions and we'll find you a place to eat from our database containing about 270 restaurants. About one-third of them have websites and you will get links to their website, their phone number, their cuisine type, and their location with a link to a map. If we have missed your favorite or you know of a website or phone number that we have missed, send us an email.

What cuisine would you like?
Where do you wish to find a restaurant?
How far are you willing to travel?
What is your budget?

Read our notes:

Cuisine types: Most restaurants serve some fish, but we refuse to list McDonald's in the fish restaurants on the basis of a filet-o-fish sandwich. We tend to include places that have more than one fish on the menu. The same goes for steak. Almost everybody has a portion of meat available, but there are few "steakhouses" that have several cuts of beef in several portion sizes. Not all buffets serve buffets at all times. Some buffets are merely all you can eat of a single meal, ie ribs.

Travel: This is also somewhat subjective, but choosing to travel close to your area will take you to the adjacent area. In the further reaches of the French side, this will be a greater journey than in the more populated areas near the lagoon.

Price: First, selecting a price category will show all restaurants of your limit or less. Second, you can affect the price of your meal by ordering a more expensive dinner item or bottle of wine. Ordering a grilled lobster in a lolo will overshadow any fine distinctions that we have attempted to make with our pricing categories. However, we think that a $20 meal is inexpensive and any restaurant that can put out most main courses under $30 is moderate. The expensive category extends to $40 and beyond that is for expense account types or GSA employees. Your best bet is to check the websites for menus before you travel and check the posted menus before you walk inside.

It is a very competitive atmosphere, so price is generally a good indicator of quality, but grand views - especially of water, spectacular furnishings, and proximity to expensive resorts can lead to anomalies. New chefs, in established restaurants who don't know what they are doing and old chefs who can't learn anything new can lead to overpriced, standard fare. New chefs who do know what to do in small, new restaurants can do amazing things for little money. Old chefs who are willing to try new things in smaller restaurants without spectacular views (and rents) can make memorable meals on a budget.

One last thing: the euro has dropped in value considerably, over 30% during the last six months. A few French-side restaurants still offer offer 1 euro worth of food for 1 dollar (about a 15% savings). Some do it for cash only, some for all transactions. Some restaurants have revised their menu prices downward. Some places have done that and still offer a favorable exchange rate, but not 1 to 1. In other words, things are a mess.

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